14.02.2006 ~ 05.09.2012

Chili havde hendes "Red Hot" Kuld hos i 2011

HD - B
AD - 0
Eyes - 28.04.2011


Stamtavle 4 generationer 

Bas (DK 01998/2003) FT.CH. Flashlight Fanciful FTW Catcombe Clever Eng. FT. CH. Standerwick Rumbustuous Of Catcombe
Willowspring April at Millgreen
Leeglen Storm Eng. FT. CH. Rossmhor of Clancallum
FTW Deadcraft Dona of Leeglen
Xarra F.T.CH. Kroonkennel's Urko TJH LP Gregson Valter
Int. FT. CH. Besstock Dee Of Clancallum
Ruth Dutch Ch. Chardine Love Bug
Sungold Flying Frida Joe's Wuk DKBRCH Mike DKBRCH Holway Rory
DKBRCH Highwood Ginny
DKBRCH DKJCH SJCH Spica Duvkullan's Zephyr
Ambertrail's Happy Heatleader FTCH AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am. MH ***OS Can. FDHF FTCH AFTCH Mioak's Shake 'N Jake Can. FDHF
Sun Fire Sure Mark Tess Can.***
Ambertrail's Super Razzy Can. MH AFC Topbrass Super Trooper OS FDHF
Tigathoe's Cut of Cedarpond Can **

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