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Falkirk's Bad Boy Boogie Falkirk's Cleared For Take-off
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Øjne: UA 21.12.2016 Øjne: UA 20.12.2016
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Bestået kvalifikationsprøve  Bestået UWT Begynderklasse
1. præmie begynderklasse B  Exc.MK Plac.2
1. præmie begynderklasse C  Exc. Plac.3 BTK3 Skue

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Falkirk's Bad Boy Boogie

Between Fjords Shade Of Orfeus

 Chinnordale Passing Glance

 Eng. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Action Replay

 Ousevale Obsession with Chinnordale

 Golden Wave Sweet Freja  Dewmist Dawn Flight
 High Style's Inga Sweet Moon

Golden De Luxe Titan's Revenge

 Glenweir Rhum of Holway

 FT.W Holway Dezzy

 Millrythe Ibiza
Falkirk's Éowyn White Lady Of Rohan

SVCH Holway Odin

Golden Runner's Titan Sidewinder

Falkirk's Cleared For Take-off

Vesterlyng's Touché BECH FRCH INTCH SECH(U) NLCH FRBRCH Furyo Noroy Du Plessy BECH INTCH Stormerick Solomon's Seal
Vice Versa Du Bois De La Rayere
Respons Kramiga Kexnougat-Ten Gainwill Marchall
SECH DKCH SEJCH Respons Vinjett-Ten
Gembaek's French Love Affaire  International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayère IntCh, ChFr, ChLux, ChNl, ChVDH, TRIALER Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash
Int Ch & trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph
Marjazza's Agnetha  NORW04, NORJW04 Summeramba Chopin
Gembæk's Simply Loving Music 
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